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#1 Goals and Habits app in iTunes! (Productivity)

Brian Tracy, The Habit Factor® Challenge

Martial Arts Master- Cites The Habit Factor® for Jeet Kune Do Simplicity

The Habit Factor®, Recommeded by Top Coaches & Trainers around the World!

Dear Friends,

Thank you! Nearly ten months after The Habit Factor®’s debut in iTunes we are experiencing momentum beyond our wildest dreams. As you know, with nearly 4,000 Productivity apps and so many one hit wonders- it makes The Habit Factor®’s enduring success extra special. But, what’s TRULY far more exciting are the RESULTS, stories and feedback! We really could never have predicted this response. We’re seeing (and hearing) about terrific experiences with the app, as well as magnificent RESULTS from users internationally! Please, keep the emails coming!



A little reflection is in order and a few updates for those who may be here for the first time… Continue reading

The Habit Factor® v.1.5 Goes Live & LITE; Updates, Reviews, Comments



As one reviewer put it “Wow, Equilibrium has been hard at work. Thanks!”

Indeed EEI has listened carefully to user feedback and incorporated a long list of improvements into The Habit Factor® v.1.5. On top of that, we’re so confident the app will help you reach your goals we’re giving away a FREE, Lite version (limited edition) for you to test without risk!

The fan mail for The Habit Factor® is incredible and it is amazing to see the user-base around the world growing so quickly! We continue to receive many great feature requests (see below). Please keep the reviews and feedback coming! Here are just a sampling of the reviews, email feedback

Martyn B. said, “I have had Habit Factor for over a week now and appreciate it’s simplicity… Well done with the update. Some good improvements… the app is much more useful now that it only shows the Habits for the day.”

Jim M. said, ” Also, I’d like to say great job on these apps. I use Habit factor to track specific daily habits. I update Virtues weekly the goals are more subjective. I added the Eat That Frog application for a brief list of really ugly to-dos.<- The bright green icon is a real benefit because I can’t avoid seeing the reminder.” – Jim Continue reading

Comments on Reviews – FYI


First, thank YOU very much for the quality review/s (below). We’re very pleased with the comments and feedback and I would like to address a couple of the items you’ve identified.

“It worked for Franklin…
by derek.the.great – Version 1.2 – May 4, 2009

“Update:  I’ve noticed that, if you delete a virtue and try to add the same virtue, it acts as if the old virtue is still there. I had to redownload the app just to replace the virtue. That’s a serious bug, especially when there’s no way to import/export data. 4 stars until that gets fixed. ———————– I’ve tried Streaks, Touchgoal, and Goalkeep. They had some good feature, but they just weren’t good enough for me to stick with it. I wanted something closer to Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues and I found it! Pros: – Lightning fast interface – UI that makes Apple jealous – Makes tracking habits easy and fun. Cons: – No way to import/export data – Can’t rearrange order of virtues – Needs a scrollbar to quickly scroll through active goals. It earned a place in my dock, which is very rare. Virtues, Daylite, and Evernote make the ultimate productivity trio. I’ve been waiting for this too long, and I’m glad it’s finally here. 5 stars, and well deserved…”

Regarding the issue of deleting and re-adding a Virtue with the same name. This will be corrected in the next release.
Regarding Import/Export Data: This is in an upcoming release as well. We’re also waiting on word about the ability to sort the Virtues from our developer.

Dear “HRManager’ “Inspiring”

Please note: You will not be able to modify the end date of an ACTIVE Virtue. You can also not modify the Virtue name if it is Active. Please deactivate it FIRST- then modify to your desired settings. To answer your question about the default Active period – please see the Settings menu. This is where you are able to setup a default period ahead of time. So when you Activate a Virtue – the Active period is based off that setting.

Also, your comment about one Virtue being a “forever” Virtue – well, conceivably they are all a “forever” Virtue however, by establishing shorter track period you can focus on other Virtues as the Mr. Franklin himself did. If you really want to you could establish the default period setting in “Settings” for 365 days. (not recommended)

The feedback and questions are excellent and we’ll be adding to our FAQ in the application as well as adding it to a FAQ page here (soon).

Feel free to email comments and support questions to support@equilibrium-ent.com.


“Three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” Another quality review! 9 out of 10 and Editor’s Pick!


Virtues 4 iPhone Now Inside the Top 50 LifeStyle Category; Quality reviews too!

picture-13great news!!!

Very pleased to see that yesterday;  after being nowhere on the board and nowhere to be found in the iTunes store, Virtues for iPhone jumped inside the TOP 50 in the lifestyle category! Currently Virtues is listed at Number 45. Considering the App went live just last Wednesday evening (PST) we are told this is a better than normal launch and that we have reason to be excited!

Cautiously optimistic at this point —have no idea how these things go. Hopeful the momentum keeps up and we can crack the Top 20. That will be the real test. (fingers crossed)

thanks for all the support. check my two favorite reviews so far (above and below).


The First Reviews are in!

Check it out! Love the way this review ends…
Let Virtues guide you right from your pocket wherever you go to discover peace and tranquility.


Also, first user review, from David Steel my Hero!

I downloaded the app…tried it out…and left a great review….

I hope it sells a million copies… The world will be better for it