Is it just me or is the App store filled with 12 yr old boys and horny old men? Of the Top 20 Apps in the Lifestyle category (where Virtues is) FIVE contain one of the following words; sexy (2), bikini (2), naughty (1). Don’t get me wrong, i’m certainly a fan of the subject matter. However, it seems a little insane to me when quality apps are vying for some attention in the Top 20.

Where’s the incentive to do any app other than “SexyBikini4”?

Recommendation: Apple App people, please consider a separate “sexy” category. This would be where all those “other” people could go to get their bikini and sex fix on. Clearly, the demand warrants its own area where the Sex Apps can go duke it out. Hey, that sounds like another app to me? Doing so would at least create a few spots for some quality apps in the Top 20.

BTW: In the event you think i’m  jealous — fear not, we’re working on our own “Sexy” App. I think the name may be a little too long… “TripleSexyBikiniRevenge”?