Born to be wild. Live to outgrow it.

~Lao Tzu

Bucket List PRO   Ver. 1.0 (Born for adventure on 8.3.09)

Well, from inception to iTunes, Bucket List PRO has been it’s own great life experience. A real adventure.

After upload to Apple for approval, we waited a few weeks then received a “rejected” status due to a strange API issue that even confused our developers. Once that was sorted, we waited another few weeks. Then, finally, the app went “LIVE” but, wait… that’d be too easy. It didn’t actually go live-live!? Yes, as luck would have it, iTunes was having issues and what typically takes 4 hrs once you get the “Live” status turned into 30 hrs plus before our bouncing baby, B.List PRO showed her face in iTunes.

Ben (see Virtues app) would be proud. How patient we have been.

So there you have it folks, Bucket List PRO. While all of our Apps have been very fun to conceive, design, build, use and test. The real joy comes from user feedback. Yes! After all this time  – we’re eagerly anticipating your feedback.

There is an immediate issue out of the gate with the twitter link which is designed to update/share your progress with your B.List item. At the same time the update shares a hyperlink meant to direct readers back to the app to check it out. The link currently does not work. This affects us not really the user. The user updates work to Twitter nicely.

Stay tuned for more Equilibrium fun!