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The Habit Factor Book®, Android App and New iPhone/iPod Release


The Habit Factor® Book is here!

Happy Thanksgiving! (appears we can only update this blog every major holiday or so lately.)

She (the book) has been many years in the making and I’m confident she helps to explain both the “WHY” and “HOW” behind the apps practical and proven methodology and now world-wide acclaim.

Unfortunately, too many people still confuse The Habit Factor app for a ToDo type app. Or, they think its too complicated to take approximately five minutes to setup the habits and the goals. (This is a bit ironic; how committed is a person to their goal if they can’t take five minutes to setup the foundational parameters?)

Back to the book: here’s a true story about the impact the message of the book has already had. My collaborator Dave Allen confided that he only used the app briefly about a year ago then stopped. (Interestingly, his own goal is to write a book.) It wasn’t until he began editing/collaborating on The Habit Factor book did the methodology and message sink in. “I really didn’t get it but after reading/rereading this 30 times… now, I use the app religiously. The shift is subtle but very significant, there are important messages in this book that the app simply can’t convey or i just didn’t intuit, maybe some people do.”

So, his comments are probably both good and bad. The good news is he definitely ‘gets it’ now. The unfortunate part and a bit of irony from an app stand point, is that a “simple” app has the depth / significance of a nearly 250 page book.

Speaking of the book, you’ll find it’s received tremendous testimonials and endorsements from some of the biggest names in personal development, business and leadership; Brian Tracy, Michael E. Gerber, Chip Conley and Dr. Anthony Smith for starters. A launch date is forthcoming but we’re projecting mid December!


Android, The Habit Factor® now LIVE!The Habit Factor® Android on Book


It’s true, the “best habits and goals app” now comes to all Android mobile devices. Android users will now get to tap into Habit Alignment Technology™ as well! Notice the VERIZON logo!? (in the picture, right — on top of the BOOK!)

Yes, Android lovers, the app is officially here. The Habit Factor® for Android is expected to be available early December! We appreciate your requests (demands– see above email image) for the app and your patience! We’re undergoing some final QA testing and it’s off to the Android Marketplace. The features and capabilities will match those of the current 1.7.1 iphone/ipod app. We plan to provide a free, limited  edition version as well as a paid, full version. Note: Free version release date not identified yet.

Happy Holidays Android Lovers, this is how, as one blogger put it, you make your smart phone truly smart.


New Release of The Habit Factor® for iPhone, 1.9 coming soon…

We are about two weeks away (or so) of releasing the latest iphone/ipod/ipad version of THF. Your feedback has been terrific and we’ve integrated your top requests, including;

  • Password Protection, with tip recovery
  • IOS 4 Optimization
  • New Chart Actuals vs Targets
  • Improved Backup/Restore
  • Improved stability and speed
  • Updated quotes
  • Ability to Tweet quotes
  • New Splash Screen

We’re excited about reaching an even wider audience with the introduction to the Android platform and now, with the release of the book, we’re even more confident the importance of the message behind the app will continue to spread.

Until next time…

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Virtues App Featured by ArtofManliness blog


Happy Fourth of July!

An update today is fitting for several reasons 1) it’s long overdue, 2) it was on this day exactly one year ago that The Habit Factor® reached its highest iTunes (US) ranking, #10* and, of course, it’s a day to celebrate our country’s independence and honor the great men, founding fathers who had the vision and foresight to craft a living document that is still, to this day, a model of freedom for governments throughout the world. See BEN FRANKLIN (Virtues app).

Speaking of Ben Franklin and the VIRTUES app, a Blog named The Art of Manliness just featured the app here. (Click Image to link).

“How was June?”, you ask.
June was incredible! It marked the 1yr anniversary of The Habit Factor’s launch (June 20). And, fittingly, much like it’s initial debut which skyrocketed the app to the Top 20 (US), June 2010 proved to have one fantastic surprise after the next helping us achieve all sorts of new sales milestones!


First, UK iTunes store featured the app in the “Staff Favourite” section. Then, a couple weeks later, we were alerted to iTunes Australia featuring The Habit Factor® in it’s “New and Noteworthy” section. Turns out this feature wasn’t just in the “Productivity” section which would have been tremendous— no, turns out it was featured FRONT page of the iTunes store!

Then we were surprised to find out that The Habit Factor® received a notable mention by one of the Internet’s most popular blogs, Mashable.com which featured The Habit Factor® as one of the “Top 8 iPhone apps for Self Help”. (click image to link to review).


Our Facebook fan page clocked its 1000th fan (THANK YOU!) and we received a fantastic testimonial from a man who knows more about achievement and productivity than 99% of the world’s population, Mr. Brian Tracy. (I didn’t even know this, the man has written 55 books translated in 36 languages!). Brian Tracy is a productivity machine and a personal development legend. His endorsement of the app and now the book is incredible! Yes, the book. The book, The Habit Factor® is coming out soon!

And, btw: we’re loving the twitter love




ANDROID app on the way…
Since we’re talking about things coming out soon (yes, the book really is coming out soon!) — let it be known, THF Android flavor is on the way. So, while we greatly appreciate the inquiries about Android, you can save your email! It is too soon to give any realistic delivery dates though. However, we’re very pleased to share that bit of news and equally pleased to see the number of requests interested in seeing THF in the Android space!

The fourth of July is about freedom. I think we’ve all found that freedom has many faces. The most significant form of freedom I believe is choice — the ability to choose what you want (even your own thoughts!). The ability to create your ideal future.


The Habit Factor® was invented to help people create their ideal future and achieve big goals via diligent tracking of their habits. Doing so would not only help them achieve goals but help them forge a new, improved CHARACTER. However, I wanted to ensure that this process, knowledge, awareness and technique would be provided FREE.

Now, with the recently released 1.7 version of THF LITE, ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can use the app, apply this technique and transform their life – FREE! (Yes, assuming they have an ipod touch, iphone) However that will change with the book and android release too! : ). More on that later.

All the best, enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July!


*US ranking (may have been higher. App price I believe was .99¢ during a promotion. UK and Australia rankings have been higher. THF reached #2 productivity in Australia. (for the record).