ALL email inquiries should include the following in any email to support:


1) Device Model
2) iOS version or Android Version
3) Purchase Date


Update: 7/12/16:  Portal Upgrade Host: ProCloud Users* Due to hosting service provider transition the sync capability will be temporarily out of service. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update: 7/11/16:  Backup Feature: Lite, Pro and ProCloud Users* Due to hosting service provider transition backup feature is temporarily not working. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Are you wondering why certain permissions are being requested upon installation?
We were too so our developers answered by providing us this screenshot! Note: GCM = Google Cloud Messaging

9/20/14 iOS: WARNING!!!
APP NOTICE re: iOS 8: Do not upgrade to iOS 8 and if you’re using THF just yet! iOS8 users.. please test the Free/Lite product first. Appears some significant issues re: tracking data… There is an update in the works!! Thanks for your patience and support!

8/27/14 iOS:
With the recent releases/updates for THF LITE and PRO we’ve identified a BUG in the passcode feature. Please disable and do NOT use the passcode prior to any update or after install of the latest version. A new fix is in the works and will be released as soon as possible.

7/14/14 iOS:
With the recent release of 7.1.2 and 7.1.1 we’ve received a handful of reports about crashing especially for users of iPhone 4 models.
We are expecting to release an update with the next couple weeks! Apple typically takes about a week to review/approve. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

3/14/14 ANDROID:
In Rare instances the Save and SAVE AS Buttons become hidden during the Habit Setup process. If this happens, please try the following (known to resolve the issue)

>>Settings-> Applications -> Manage All Applications -> Habit Factor Pro -> Force stop

Update: November 24
New iOS 7 Lite and PRO versions are awaiting Apple approval. These include small updates, stability improvements and larger screen support for iPhone 5 models.


Android Update: October, 2013
Two new versions with updates and small bug fixes have been uploaded and approved in both the Google PLAY store and Amazon App Store.

<<UPDATE 3.1.13>>  You can find additional training and app overview video on our YouTube Channel – join the FUN there! ; ).

Video Tutorials (Beta) Non Flash videos coming soon!

Note: These videos preview a slightly older 1.7.1 (iOS). So if the layouts look different please update your app. Thanks!

Video One – Intro and Goals

Video Two – Habit Setup & Alignment

Video Three – Tracking & Charting

Video Four – Settings

Some new videos about The Habit Factor®:  Key lessons and awareness about habit and achievement can be found on our new website (under development):



<<Update 3/1/13>> Just a FRIENDLY reiteration of a common functionality question.

There is currently no syncing between iPhone/iPad and / or Android and iPad. Please know, we are developing a web-portal version of the app to allow syncing between devices. Stay tuned…

Please review the below information and FAQ. If you have further questions please email us at:

General Comment about Backup/Restore vs. Syncing among devices. There is currently no syncing between iPhone/iPad and / or Android and iPad. As we are sure you recognize, software development is an ongoing process of feature improvements and enhancements. We plan on adding that capability in the future and greatly appreciate your continued support and patience. ~THF Team

7/12/12:  ANDROID USERS: Adding comments to the TRACK Screen. If you are having issues trying to ADD notes/comments to the Tracking (Form) Screen please know that depending on device, field sensitivities vary. If the comment/text field seems inactive, please ensure you are tapping firmly in the UPPER-LEFT corner. Again, be sure to tap firmly and ensure you are in the top left part of the field. A handful of users have emailed about this and this has resolved the issue in every case. Thank you!

3/19/2012: Update live! We’ve noticed that the iOS 5.1 update from Apple has effected our ABOUT screen text and links. Cosmetic issue will release a fix for asap.

3/9/2012: Developers are still trying to resolve the update uploading issue.

3/5/2012: Update New Release iOS 5.0 THF PRO. As of today, developers are experiencing a known issue when submitting the binary (new release of THF Pro iOS) to the iTunes store. We will keep you updated but expect this to be resolved this week. Thank you for your continued patience as the developers work to resolve.

10/2/11: iOS5 will officially be released very soon. We continue to develop/update THF and are testing the latest release for complete compatibility/functionality with the new iOS 5.0. Please know that the current release is NOT wholly compatible with iOS5 so any iOS upgrade to your device is NOT recommended at this time.

8/29/11: The Habit Factor® update continues: New features will include, additional categories, Facebook posts, Database purge for optimization and notes for Streaks Chart as well as couple other enhancements.

8/26/11: NEW Noble Paths fix in the works. Black Screen issue (in some instances tracking) is being resolved.

8/26/11: Virtues update released

8/15/11: Noble Paths update released.

6/10/11: Virtues; we are working on a new release that creates a screen issue. If you experience the issue it’s best to close out the app out of memory by clicking the “HOME” button twice, then holding down the Virtues icon until you see red X. Once you close the app out of memory and relaunch you will be able to track. Again, we are working on immediate fix.

6/6/11: Working on SETTINGS Fix for both Virtues and Noble Paths to be released within the next week. Thanks for your patience!

5/15/11: Android patch released.

5/12/11: ANDROID: We are reviewing a patch for the ANDROID Pro Version soon to be released that corrects a streak generation issue and quotes at startup issue.

12/19/10:  We have uploaded a patch, version 1.9.1 Corrects rare PASSCODE ISSUE. It’s recommended that you NOT use the passcode if you are running 4.2 or higher iOS. Apple is currently reviewing this patch and we are hopeful it will be approved before they shut down the iTunes marketplace for the Christmas Holiday. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

12/9/10: Great news!!! We have uploaded our UPDATE and FIX version 1.9. Apple is currently reviewing it and it’s due to enter the iTunes marketplace shortly. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

12/2/10: NOTICE REGARDING ALL EEI apps… we are working on a fix/patch. Apple’s recent iOS upgrade 4.2 has created issues with ALL of our apps (to varying degrees). Appreciate your patience and we’ll post here when the fix is available AND you’ll notice it within the APP store app on your device. Again, thank you for your patience.

11/25/10: iPhone iOS4.2 BUG. Appears the latest iphone OS release makes THF basically unusable. We are working on a patch immediately. Thank you for your patience and thanks Apple! Good Stuff.

10/10/10: Great date. Had to post something today. For the user who couldn’t find our support email, please tap on the ABOUT menu within the app. We have provided users the ability to email support directly from THF app.  Thanks!

10/9/10: **Important Note re: in-app Purchases/upgrades. If you bought the app via an in-app upgrade (which keeps the FREE apps data) should you ever have to reload the app be sure to use the same process (FREE->IN APP).

6/7/10:  General Upgrade Support Comment: Upgrades can sometimes (rarely) corrupt the database. This is why we have recommended you BACKUP prior to downloading the latest update. If the update has affected your app, the fix is to reinstall the app (you will NOT be charged). Just delete it and then RESTORE from your data backup. This has proven to resolve the few instances of corruption. We strongly recommend you use the new, free backup feature. Thank you!

1.7.1 released and streak calendar fix applied. (see below for older notices)


1) How do I delete a Goal or Habit?

Use the iPhone standard motion for deletion: Simply “swipe to delete” by tapping once on the Habit or Goal in the List View screen, hold down on the item name, and swipe to the right. You will see a DELETE button appear.

2) What is a Track Period? I just want this particular habit for life; I don’t want any Track Period or end date.

In order to ensure your behaviors/habits match your ideals, it’s essential you have something to measure against. Perhaps you want to spend quality time with your family. This of course is likely a habit you’d want for a lifetime, not just during a Track Period. However, the purpose of the Track Period is to measure and compare your actual behaviors against your ideals and to identify what those ideals look like. Is ½-hour every day or three hours every other day the target? What is ideal for you? This is why tracking is essential. Once you’ve tracked your progress/actual behaviors and they continue to match your ideal target frequencies, you’ll either want to increase the frequencies/targets or, you won’t need to track the behavior anymore since it will have become a habit—hence The Habit Factor®.

3) Why doesn’t The Habit Factor® allow me to track my negative habits?

The idea is to REPLACE negative habits with positive ones. The problem with tracking negative habits is it just places your attention and FOCUS on a negative habit. Rather than placing your attention on a negative habit, focus on a new, POSITIVE habit. For instance, if smoking is a negative habit, perhaps you’d like to chew gum or drink a glass of water at each craving for a cigarette.

4) But I really want to limit my drinking and/or smoking. What’s the best way using The Habit Factor®?

We recommend you simply set the Minimum Quantity Field to “0.” For instance, if the habit name is “No Smoking,” just set the QTY to “0,” and each day you track, if you smoked no cigarettes, you would put a check at the end of the day. This will allow you to CHART an entire period and see how well you did for any tracking period.

5) How do I change the SORT Order?

In the HABITS LIST view or the GOALS LIST view, tap the EDIT button in the upper left, and then SORT by tapping and dragging the habit from the right side of the list, where you see the three bars stacked. Tapping and holding the bars allows you to drag the habit to a new order.

6) What is the Minimum Quantity or Time Field?

See answer to next question.

7) Why can’t I score myself multiple checks within a day? I drank 8 glasses of water and I want to have 8 checks today!

This isn’t about scoring (see above, Tips & Tricks #3). This is why there is a “Minimum Quantity or Time” field when you set up a new habit. The idea is that you identify the MINIMUM quantity or time of the habit for that day for the habit to be “achieved,” i.e., drink 8 glasses of water a day or “read for 20 minutes a day.” In the example of drinking water, consider this: If you drank only 5 glasses of water and your minimum was 8, then you didn’t achieve your minimum! No check for the day! This keeps the scoring much more simple and elegant. And, most importantly, it serves the overriding intent of The Habit Factor® best: to develop and strengthen long-term discipline. Just consider what might happen if you could have 8 checks a day. Why couldn’t you have 23? What is the point of multiple checks, and where does it stop? The purpose of this App is to help you develop and master supportive behaviors/habits to help you improve your character, and therefore your destiny!

8) Why should I associate a color code to a habit?

As you look at the list of habits, you can get a quick feel for how balanced your habits are in terms of your overall objectives and well being.

9) I am setting up a new BUSINESS Habit of wanting to “make 5 sales calls each day.” What category does that fall into?

That is up to you. Of the four choices—Mind, Body, Spirit and Social—we might suggest Mind or Social.

10) Can I customize the color codes for the habits?

Not in this release. Perhaps in a future release.

11) Why would I want to associate goals with habits or habits with goals? Do I have to do this?

No, you don’t have to do it. The reason you’d want to is because, for each major goal—for instance, running a marathon—there is always a related set of habits that will make the achievement of the goal a reality. With the example goal of running the marathon, there will likely be new diet habits and exercise habits. Note: You can associate multiple goals with the same habit and multiple habits with the same goal.

12) When I try to associate a new habit to a goal, the program won’t let me. Why?

Please verify that the Goal is ACTIVE and that the START DATE is TODAY or EARLIER. You cannot create any associations for any inactive habits or goals and a future date prevents this association as well.

13) I only elected to perform/activate my habit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but in the track screen, I see the habit every day of the week. Why?

This is now an OPTION within the Settings. Go to the About Menu and Tap the Settings button in the upper right. You will see “Show only target days?” If this is turned on, you will only see Habits on their designated target days when tracking. You can change this setting at any time

14) How can I export or e-mail my Chart/Tracking Data?

From the Overview Menu, designate the appropriate days for your chart via the calendar and tap the Generate button. From there you will see a Mail button. The chart will be e-mailed as an attachment. There is no data export capability at this time.

15) I have the LITE / FREE version, can I import my data into the Pro/Paid version?

At this time, there is no way to import from the Lite/Free version. The Lite/Free does limit the amount of data you can actively track so hopefully it isn’t too much to enter. Someday, we may offer the ability to import upon upgrade.

16) Why isn’t there an ALARM or PUSH notification!? Seems that an app like this MUST HAVE THAT!

(SEE #4 Tips/Tricks) Actually, user feedback has told us that when users have dozens of apps with different alarms/notifications it becomes overwhelming and counter-productive. For now, we recommend you utilize the BUILT IN ALARM/Notification system within your phone by using the Calendar app that came with the phone. Setting up a morning/evening or both reminder to update the app has proven very effective.

17) I have the ANDROID app and an Ipad and want to SYNC the data. Can this be done?

We are working towards that capability. At the moment you can not sync between platforms and you can not SYNC between iPad/iPhone. You can however BACKUP/RESTORE from iPhone to iPad. But please know, that is not the same as syncing.

18) I have been using the app for over a year. I LOVE the app but NOW IT IS PAINFULLY SLOW and won’t open. Is there a way to optimize it.

We hope you have been using the Backup/Restore capability. As you might imagine over time, as the database grows from tracking data – performance will slow down. Several users have reported an increase in performance by simply deleting/reloading the app from the app store (there is no charge if you do this with the same iTunes account as you purchased the app). BE SURE TO BACKUP FIRST prior to deleting the app.

19) Why don’t the Badges update until after the app is launched. Isn’t that a major bug? What is a Badge? See “Settings Menu” Questions below.

Good question. This is not a bug – unless you want to blame Apple. You will note this is one of the most common complaints against all productivity apps (just peruse the productivity section reviews) most users don’t understand this is a limitation of the development platform. So, you’re likely to see the same critique voiced about other apps that use Badges to notate items due/overdue. Once you launch the app for the day (as you should anyway), the badges will update accordingly.


Tips & Tricks
#1:  Keep it simple. Enjoy success early to gain momentum!
With new habits, simplicity reigns supreme. Begin with fewer habits to track and with shorter tracking periods and even easier target goals. Limit the number of habits you are trying to track to less than three to start. Then, over time, as you develop the habit of daily tracking (this becomes its own critical habit!), you can add more. See VIRTUES App. This is what Ben Franklin considered so important — his daily tracking! Once that tracking habit is established, you can increase the focus period and minimums related to any particular habit.

#2:  Focus on the positive and don’t just eliminate — replace.

Have you ever heard “nature abhors a vacuum” People tend to be the most successful quitting one habit when they are able to acquire a new one. “A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit.” ~Desiderius Gerhard Erasmus (see FAQ below)

#3:  It’s not the instances in a single day; it’s the instances over time!
Patience yields the rewards when it comes to discipline and character development. Some habit apps allow you to score multiple &quot;points&quot; in a day! You are cautioned to maintain the long-term perspective; if you accomplish the minimum target of one, then it&apos;s a successful day, and plan to do the same the next day. It&apos;s not about &quot;scoring points,&quot; it&apos;s about development, progress and slow, consistent growth.

#4:  Do you want a DAILY REMINDER to update THF in the morning or evening?

Since Apple doesn’t allow developers to integrate their apps into the Apple calendar or phone app, a great workaround is to create a daily event using the Apple built-in calendar (make it recurring daily) and just add an alert. Label the event something like “Update The Habit Factor!” and then set the alarm. thf_alerthack

#5: Quicker, more efficient tracking!
In Track List View, if you tap on the name of the Habit, you will be taken to that particular habit in Form View, where you can add notes. Then to toggle back to List View, tap the Icon next to the word “Track” at the top in Form View. So in Track List View, if you tap on the box you check off the habit for the day, and if you tap on the name you go to Form View!








What is the Default Tracking Mode?
You have two options when tracking your habits using the Track Menu: “Form” View, which allows for daily notes, and “List” View. This setting is where you can set your tracking preference. You can change the default anytime or even while tracking by tapping the icon next to “Track” in the Title bar. (See Tip/Trick #5 above.)

What is “Show only Target Days”?
A Target Day is a day you have established as a day you wish to complete the Habit. If I want to “Read a Chapter,” you may select target days as Wednesday and Sunday. This setting means that, while Tracking you have the option of seeing only those Habits you’ve elected to complete on the set target days. If it is off, you will see the Habit every day when tracking and have the option to check it off on a non-target day.

What is a Badge?
A Badge is the red icon added to the app’s icon in the Home screen. It’s designed to remind you much like the iPhone’s phone app reminds you if you have a new voice mail. The Habit Factor® app will let you know if you have any Habits due for the day by indicating the number of habits to be done in the badge icon.

Backup and Restore.
You can now back up and restore your app data. There is no additional cost for this service, but you will need a valid e-mail address in order to validate and activate a backup account. CAUTION: A restore will OVERWRITE any data entered after the time/date stamp of the backup that is restored. Therefore, a restore is most often used in the event the phone is lost, stolen or broken, and the app needs to be reloaded. With a backup/restore account, a new user could load the app new and restore from the last backup.  Important: You SHOULD be on Wi-Fi to utilize the backup and restore feature.
Also, our server will store up to a maximum of (5) five database backups and preserves only the most recent/last five backups. NOTE: Images are not included in the backup since they are already on the phone and take up far more disk space.

Goals are significant life achievements. This may seem rudimentary; however, we’ve noted almost every other goal or habit app regards Goals and Habits as the same. The Habit Factor® acknowledges the very important distinction and relationship between the two. That is, when you create positive habits that are related to your goal, the achievement of your goal comes much more quickly. And, the reverse is true: Once you complete a goal, you’ve likely forged some new positive habits!

For instance, your goal might be to “write and publish a book” or “Swim the English Channel” or “build an Internet business.” For each Goal, the idea and process is for you to identify and establish a set of core, related Habits – three to five that are essential for the goal’s accomplishment. Then, you are expected to TRACK these against your frequency targets. Over time, your tracking helps to ensure you remain focused on the essential habits, which in turn results in the achievement of your goal!

What is the “Goal Status” slider?
This is set manually by you and is a subjective setting based upon what the perceived progress is. It allows you to actually reverse the progress if you feel as though you had a setback. Each time you move the slider and hit the “Update” button, the app records the data. Are you 12% or 29% complete? You are encouraged to periodically move the slider as you get closer to achieving your goal.

Can I delete my Goal percent (%) status and its date?
This is meant for UPDATE purposes. Progress is rarely linear – that is you may end up going backwards and you can update your progress setting accordingly. To correct the status adjust the slider and tap “update”. This allows you to see any ups or downs in your progress percent and related dates.

Why can’t I edit a Start Date of a Habit?
In order to change the habit’s start date, you must deactivate the habit first.</string>

Why is there an infinity symbol for End Date?
Some users want to have the option for no end date, so there is no tracking period defined.

What happens when the Habit has NO color in the Habit List View?
The Habit is inactive or the end date (tracking period) has expired.

Can I Track all my habits in a List View?

You can make this the default view. Go to About Menu/Settings and tap the “Default Tracking Mode.” This will change the default tracking mode. You can also change the Tracking Form View at any Time. Tip: In List View, when Tracking, to move quickly to Form View Tracking, simply tap on the Habit Name instead of the check box.

Is there an easy way to select ALL of the habits or deselect ALL of the habits so I don’t have to do this manually to create charts?
Tap the check above the list of habits when creating charts.

Why can’t I see Streaks for MULTIPLE Habits at the same time?
This is designed for only one habit streak at a time. You can email different charts for each Habit.

When I run Charts and Tap “Done” or Back to Overview, the app seems unresponsive and takes a couple of seconds to register the action?
The app is processing the info; please be patient.

Why do I see greater than 100% in my charts for some habits? I have a Habit that shows 133%.
This is possible. As an example, you might have only 3 target days a week to “get out of bed by 6:30 a.m.,” but you actually perform the habit 5 days a week. Therefore, the percent realized is greater than the target of 3 instances.

Why do I still see DELETED Habits in my Charts?
You will see Habits in your charts for any days that habit was ACTIVE and you tracked it. So, even if it is now deleted, if the dates for the chart include the dates you tracked the active habit, that habit will show in the chart.

****SUPPORT & UPDATE NOTICES (cont’d)***

6.5.10:  1.7.1 released and streak calendar fix applied.
5.22.10:Version 1.7 In certain instances the streak calendar has days/dates misaligned. The developers are working to correct this issue.

3.25.10: Update with new features to be released VERY soon!

12.11.09: FRESH INSTALL: Post upgrade users, in a handful of cases, the upgrade doesn’t seem to install properly. If you encountered any further crashing on the Overview/Settings following the 1.5.5 upgrade, it’s recommended you perform a FRESH install of the app via iTunes (computer) or direct to iPhone. You will NOT be charged for the app since the store will recognize you have already purchased it. You first have to delete the app to do this. ***Warning*** a fresh install of the app will cause data loss. However, a fresh install of 1.5.5 has proved to resolve any further lockup issues.

11.19.09:  YESTERDAY Apple approved version 1.5.5 and the app went live early in the evening. There were over 900 downloads of the update in less than a half day. Several emails were received by support from users affected by the daylight savings bug who were able to confirm the update resolved their issues and preserved their data. On behalf of the development team a sincere thank you to everyone for your patience and support. NOTE: The Habit Factor® LITE has yet to be approved with the same fix – stay tuned.

11.10.09: NOTE: If your splash screen is locking up it is due to the daylight savings bug. You have two options; you can wait for the 1.5.5 version release which is now expected around 11.21.09 OR, you can delete the app and reload it for free from itunes. WARNING: Deleting the app will lose all tracking habit and goal data. Once you reload the app and your new tracking data doesn’t involve the daylight savings day change, the app will work fine. If you opt to wait for the fix – it has proven in tests to preserve the data so you will not have to reload your data with version 1.5.5. Our sincere apologies, this issue has caught our development team off guard and we GREATLY appreciate your understanding, support and cooperation. Please keep sending your great comments and suggestions it’s great to see so many people around the world living and loving The Habit Factor®!

11.4.09: Developers have identified a DayLight Savings bug. If your app is crashing or locking on the splash screen please await the release available within approximately 10 days. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continued patronage and patience. We’re thrilled there are so many people enjoying the many benefits of The Habit Factor® and please know, we will continue to work hard and improve The Habit Factor® to make sure it stays the best Goal/Habit app. Please keep sending your comments and suggestions! THF SUPPORT TEAM!

11.2.09: Version 1.5.2 has been resubmitted today to Apple after being pulled by our development team for further testing/review. If you are experiencing any screen freezes at all, please test/try the LITE version (free) to see if you encounter any similar issues since your settings (language and general phone settings are the same). We sincerely appreciate your patience and are hopeful for a quick approval by Apple. Please email support with any issues at

10.17.09 International Language Fix identified and submitted for approval (typically takes about two weeks). Workaround is to use English language setting in the meantime.

10.12.09 ATTENTION International Users! (Noted from user in Spain)
If you are experiencing any crashes (Overview or Settings) try the following language settings. To verify try the following;

Adjust the Language in General Settings -> International Settings -> Language=English
Please do this to verify/confirm crash only happens on your language than please submit/report language settings to

10.1.09 NOTE: memory issues corrected with release of The Habit Factor® v.1.5 & Many NEW features introduced!

8.25.09 Bucket List PRO and older iPhone OS
Bucket List PRO has been optimized for iPhone OS 3.0+. Developers recommend an OS upgrade if issues persist. Thank you!

8.25.09  The Habit Factor® memory issues for users outside the USA
Are your regional format settings other than United States? check General Settings -> International Settings -> Region Format. Developers are working on resolving issue related to international settings. Thank you for your patience and update is on its way.

7.24.09:  If memory issues persist after update –
In the event you have downloaded the latest update of The Habit Factor® ver. 1.2 and the app still crashes. This is due to the app being tied to old database info – the best course of action is to DELETE the app, then reload it from iTunes (either from computer or direct to device) DO NOT WORRY! The store will NOT let you purchase it again since you’ve already purchased the App. A fresh download after the prior version has been deleted will eliminate all prior memory issues. Warning: This will remove any data tied to previous install.

7.9.09: The Habit Factor® Update for rare memory issue posted for Apple review. We expect this will go live via iTunes next week. Thank you for your patience. Any related issues please email

7.6.09:  The Habit Factor® ***BADGES
At the moment, the App badges are designed to indicate ALL active Habits. However, based upon user feedback, we are hard at work attempting to change the capability of the badges to only reflect outstanding habits for the day.  We are aware of this request and expect this will be in an upcoming release in the near future. THANK YOU! And, keep the recommendations, improvement ideas coming.

Due to the July 4, holiday, all below updates have been pushed back to 7.7.09
Apple will then require a few days to review. Thanks again for your patience and the fantastic feedback!

There is a known, rare memory issue that occurs with 3.0. Developers are working to correct at the moment and the update should be posted in next day or two. Thank you for your patience!

with 1st GEN iPod Touch:
Apple/Itunes is working to correct the information within the store to reflect accurate compatibility. Until this happens, DO NOT PURCHASE if you have a 1st Gen iPod touch.

Virtues & Noble Paths users.
We’ve been made aware of a memory issue with the new 3.0 OS and Settings.  We expect to have an update to correct that matter within a day or so. Thank you very much for your patience.

Please email any issues, comments or suggestions to