Are you a professional coach, trainer, Ph.D.?

If so, you’ll be excited to learn about our new program designed exclusively for Professionals called, The Habit Factor® Certified Professionals Program™.

If you’d like to offer your clients a proven tool-set and methodology to measure/monitor behavior change and to strategically differentiate your practice (while increasing exposure), The Habit Factor® Certified Professionals Program™ may be just what your practice needs.

Certified Partner Benefits to include: 

Exposure: Via our new, developing Directory of Professionals (just started!) An increase in exposure to your practice via the THF CPP Directory Listing. (This comes by way of the web, the app and general buzz about the book and app)
Logo Signature: Distinguish your practice as a Certified Professional.
New Clients?: Perhaps most beneficial – consider that if you gain just ONE new client a year via THF’s CPP program, you’ve paid for the annual fee many times over!
THF Insider Newsletter: Keep abreast of new features, programs, supporting materials and latest news and insights.
CPP Insider Webinars: Learn new ways to guide your clients to goal achievement using THF’s methodology.
Community: Share in other CPP’s victory stories to leverage the brand for your success!
Forefront/Innovator: THF has quickly established itself as the most innovative methodology for goal achievement! In fact, it’s the most innovative goal achievement process since SMART goals where introduced— back in 1981! Over 30yrs and now goal achievement has a face-lift!
Discounts on Book/Materials: Get 10 or more THF hard-copy books at $15/each, over 40% OFF Amazon Hard Cover price. Use for Gifts/Promotional items.
>>>>Insider Tips creating and publishing bestselling apps and books!
>>>>Chance to collaborate on future THF vertical books: >>The Habit Factor® for Teens, The Habit Factor® for Relationships, The Habit Factor for Weight Lose/Get Fit!, The Habit Factor® Financial Transformation!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Learn more about this new program just for professionals! We frequently host webinars to introduce the Certified Professionals Program and answer additional questions.
Find out more on our new certified directory site!

UPDATE: Check out our previously recorded webinar to learn more
Includes special, limited time discount. Sign-up here to learn more!

1) Why become certified? Anyone can use The Habit Factor® app and/or book to work with clients for free.
Yes. We recognize many professionals currently use The Habit Factor book/methodology and app with their clients, hence, the desire to create a certified program to ensure those professionals have a thorough understanding of the material. Certification allows professionals to promote the methodology by name and with related, registered trademarks. Additionally, this program guarantees that our certified members can distinguish their work/profession from others by identifying their practice with the Habit Factor logo signature.

2)What is the cost? What are the requirements/qualifications?
Just $300 annual membership.

3) Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?
. You have 60 Days from date of enrollment to receive a full refund if you decide this isn’t what you want. There is no risk.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please keep in mind this is a NEW program and, as such, it is still under development. If you are hesitant at all, please do not sign up, since we’re specifically looking for committed professionals who want to give this an entire year –plus many more years.

4) Does this make me an affiliate of The Habit Factor?
If you mean will you get commissions on sales of the book or app, the answer is no (at least not at this point anyway). Amazon offers its own affiliate program (for books) and right now we aren’t using any method to track or commission sales through iTunes or Android.

5)  Does this program constitute a franchise?
No. This is not an offer to franchise, nor is this a partnership. This is a certified professionals program with the intent to help end-users/clients identify which professionals are certified how to effectively use and coach via The Habit Factor’s methodology.

6) Once I become a Certified Professional, can I base my own workshop around THF methods?
Yes. Once again, there is nothing preventing anyone from doing this right now so the idea to to ensure those who are teaching are certified in the material/process.

7) Would you consider joining a certified professional at his/her workshop?
You can train others on the methodology in a workshop-style fashion and, depending on various logistics – class size, location, schedule and other related factors – I may be able to join/assist. Best to e-mail me at   “mg  AT”

8 )  Are you developing materials and curriculum for workshops specifically.
Yes. That will fall under a different training program but this program is a prerequisite for that one.

9) When does this Certified Professionals program go live?
The program is now live.

10) Once I become certified, why would I renew?
Under the terms of the agreement, the certified professional’s logo signatures and directory listing validating your signature would not be active/valid without future renewal

11) How difficult is the THF 101 Exam?
Just hard enough to prove you’ve read the book and have a fundamental/working understanding of the principle lessons behind the methodology.

12) Do I have to read the book?
Yes. It’s important you read the book and understand the principles and ideas behind the application and methodology.

13) Where can I see or take the test?
After you pay you will receive a link to the exam.

14) I want to sign up now – but I’m not sure I meet all the criteria below.
Send an email to mg AT Many people qualify for 2 of the 3 requirements so we’ve added a CPP certification class (4 part webinar) to help those who are close (see below).

15) Which URL/website will host the CPP directory?
(or may be a subdomain)

16) Is this limited to USA I am a professional outside the US
No. Any professional who meets the enrollment qualifications

17) What are the criteria/requirements to join?
Proof of Professional Practice (Coach, Trainer, Specialist, PhD).
Pass THF 101 Exam.
[Meet 3 of the following 6 criteria].
**Note: Criteria is subject to random audit/request by Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc.
Please apply only if you qualify since failure to provide proof upon request is subject to removal from the program without refund.

1) Professional practice age is two years or older.
2) Ability to certify professional (coaching, training, counseling) income over $50,000* annual (USD) for ONE of last three years.
3) If coach, must certify professional coaching hours** (over 250). Can be combination of paid and pro-bono hours.
4) Have ICF  (International Coaching Federation) or similar professional accreditation
5) Website demonstrating professional services dedicated to improving lives of your clientele.
6) Complete The Habit Factor® CPP certification class via webinar. This is a 4 part course (Cost $99).
*certify means CPA signed audit form
**certify means provide timesheets, invoices or equivalent logs upon request.
Note: At any time during active participation as a member in THF, CPP, Equilibrium Enterprises, Inc., may request income or business verification as outlined above for any of the stated qualifying criteria. By completing the exam, paying the membership fee you acknowledge you meet the membership criteria and will submit proof upon request as required. NOTE: Please apply only if you qualify since failure to provide proof upon request is subject to removal from the program without refund.

Still have more questions? email mg AT Or, complete the form below and we’ll get in contact with you right away. Thanks!

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