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Happy 4th! When the FREEDOM to Change becomes “Life Changing”



HAPPY Fourth of July, 2012!!

FREEDOM. Personal freedom represents “only everything”, particularly when it comes to personal development. Freedom to choose: freedom to take responsibility, freedom to create, freedom to serve and help others (thereby helping yourself) and even freedom to assign meaning to any particular event.

Many freedoms are inherent in the human condition and many a result of being an American. Today, of course, is a perfect day to reflect upon these freedoms. It’s also a perfect opportunity for me to reflect a little more on The Habit Factor®  which has not just endured the test of time, but flourished since its inception over 3 years ago— remaining a Top Productivity app and Amazon and iTunes bestselling book. And, while in some regards its success is a bit beyond my comprehension, it also reaffirms an even larger mission lies ahead.

Onward and Upward:  The Habit Factor® Certified Professionals Program is now rolling.
Chances are good, in the not too distant future you’ll be able to find a Habit Factor Certified Professional in a town near you! (Directory goes live soon).

Teaching and training other professional coaches to get the most out of their practice and out of their clients has already proven to be more rewarding than expected. Coaches are truly blown-away when I demonstrate the power and flexibility of the app and share its underlying methodology. BTW: I have yet to meet any coach or trainer for which The Habit Factor® does not help/work.

Here’s an actual exchange I recently had with a coach who specialized in working with Real Estate Agents.
Me: “How do you hold your clients accountable? How do you know they are progressing, for instance, from one week to the next?
Coach: “Results”.
“Great! What do you do in the meantime? Do you not have a framework/structure for them to demonstrate progress and a way you can hold them accountable?”
Coach: “Well, that’s a bit personal. Each client likes to take care of that their own way.”
(thinking that is a bit unfortunate) “So it’s different for each client of yours? Wouldn’t it be great if you provided an accountability system, agreed upon objectives and a way for them to share their progress incrementally?”
Coach: “Yes!”
I provide quick demo:
“Wow! I want to learn more…”

Needless to say, she immediately recognized the impact the app and methodology could have, not just on her clients but on her practice. By providing a framework for success, tracking and accountability — we move beyond the realm of aimless tracking which is where 99.9% of current “habit tracking” apps / portals find themselves.

THF to the cloud— the last frontier?

Our web portal development is progressing just about as expected which is relatively rare in the development world. This is essentially the web interface version of app so people can work and sync from the computer/web and among devices. While this beta version still has a long way to go, we’re probably most excited about where this is going to end up! Just wish I could share more right now.


“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.”
~Chinese Proverb



Ever More Tracking Apps?

It’s incredible to witness what has emerged over the last 3 years. Back then, The Habit Factor® was one of only 3 apps in the goals and habits “space,” a space that The Habit Factor® essentially created. That may sound a bit bold, but if you doubt that statement, feel free to locate another app that understands and makes the important distinction between goals and habits. Today, there may be as many as 50 or more if you include web/portal trackers. The nutty thing is these developers, just like the people they are trying to help, (by selling them a habits tracker) simply do not understand or appreciate this important distinction. They make no effort themselves to understand this distinction, thereby doing a terrific disservice to their “clients.” There is enough misunderstanding about HABIT to begin with. (See Chinese proverb above)

Education Before Action
These other apps are truly “aimless trackers.” Any app or web portal can track behavior. In fact, you could use a notebook or even the notepad on your smartphone. Of course there is a bit of irony here, since a handful of people who use THF actually never care to grasp the difference themselves. (I did say  only a handful.) Note: These people most likely didn’t read the book either. They tend to be the same people who say the app “takes too long to set up” (5 minutes) or is “cumbersome,” yet insist they “really want to achieve their goal.” So, how badly do you really want that goal (you gotta ask, right?) if  five minutes or heck, let’s say it took an hour, is too much effort? Is that really too long to realize meaningful change? (See above reviews.)

In the long run, without an educational component, without a tested and proven methodology, at best, you have an aimless behavior tracker. At worst, you have a bad tracking app + no methodology = random and even poor, haphazard results. So, it’s worth asking, “What do these apps teach their users about the important mindsets and psychology behind behavior change and habit development? How are they educating their users?” A friend would say, “I share because I care.” Look, I could have spared myself 3+ years of writing The Habit Factor book if I were just trying to score a quick buck creating a habit tracker.

Moving On…

We’re always looking for talent and ways to creatively collaborate. I’m curious about what talents you might be able to lend toward our effort. (Yes, having read the book and being familiar with the app/methodology is helpful.)

See below and click on the link if you think there may be a fit. Thanks!

Until next time, KEEP ON TRACKIN’!

Would love to find out more about you…




Blogs, Love, Reviews, Charts & Android

Virtues App Featured by ArtofManliness blog


Happy Fourth of July!

An update today is fitting for several reasons 1) it’s long overdue, 2) it was on this day exactly one year ago that The Habit Factor® reached its highest iTunes (US) ranking, #10* and, of course, it’s a day to celebrate our country’s independence and honor the great men, founding fathers who had the vision and foresight to craft a living document that is still, to this day, a model of freedom for governments throughout the world. See BEN FRANKLIN (Virtues app).

Speaking of Ben Franklin and the VIRTUES app, a Blog named The Art of Manliness just featured the app here. (Click Image to link).

“How was June?”, you ask.
June was incredible! It marked the 1yr anniversary of The Habit Factor’s launch (June 20). And, fittingly, much like it’s initial debut which skyrocketed the app to the Top 20 (US), June 2010 proved to have one fantastic surprise after the next helping us achieve all sorts of new sales milestones!


First, UK iTunes store featured the app in the “Staff Favourite” section. Then, a couple weeks later, we were alerted to iTunes Australia featuring The Habit Factor® in it’s “New and Noteworthy” section. Turns out this feature wasn’t just in the “Productivity” section which would have been tremendous— no, turns out it was featured FRONT page of the iTunes store!

Then we were surprised to find out that The Habit Factor® received a notable mention by one of the Internet’s most popular blogs, Mashable.com which featured The Habit Factor® as one of the “Top 8 iPhone apps for Self Help”. (click image to link to review).


Our Facebook fan page clocked its 1000th fan (THANK YOU!) and we received a fantastic testimonial from a man who knows more about achievement and productivity than 99% of the world’s population, Mr. Brian Tracy. (I didn’t even know this, the man has written 55 books translated in 36 languages!). Brian Tracy is a productivity machine and a personal development legend. His endorsement of the app and now the book is incredible! Yes, the book. The book, The Habit Factor® is coming out soon!

And, btw: we’re loving the twitter love




ANDROID app on the way…
Since we’re talking about things coming out soon (yes, the book really is coming out soon!) — let it be known, THF Android flavor is on the way. So, while we greatly appreciate the inquiries about Android, you can save your email! It is too soon to give any realistic delivery dates though. However, we’re very pleased to share that bit of news and equally pleased to see the number of requests interested in seeing THF in the Android space!

The fourth of July is about freedom. I think we’ve all found that freedom has many faces. The most significant form of freedom I believe is choice — the ability to choose what you want (even your own thoughts!). The ability to create your ideal future.


The Habit Factor® was invented to help people create their ideal future and achieve big goals via diligent tracking of their habits. Doing so would not only help them achieve goals but help them forge a new, improved CHARACTER. However, I wanted to ensure that this process, knowledge, awareness and technique would be provided FREE.

Now, with the recently released 1.7 version of THF LITE, ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can use the app, apply this technique and transform their life – FREE! (Yes, assuming they have an ipod touch, iphone) However that will change with the book and android release too! : ). More on that later.

All the best, enjoy a happy and safe 4th of July!


*US ranking (may have been higher. App price I believe was .99¢ during a promotion. UK and Australia rankings have been higher. THF reached #2 productivity in Australia. (for the record).

Free/Lite Version Tops Charts; #1 Goals & Habits App (Tracker / Productivity)

The Habit Factor® Free/Lite Tops Charts as Best Goals & Habits App

If it’s FREE it’s for ME!
Is anything better than FREE? The AIR is free. The Earth has been given to you. The Ocean is FREE. Your family, friends, relationships (the good ones) ALL free, surfing is FREE (assuming you can borrow a board & the water isn’t too cold). I’m constantly reminding myself it’s the things that are FREE which are PRICELESS and those things that we pay for are often FAR less valuable. A dramatic introduction to be sure but a great way to REITERATE that The Habit Factor®, currently recognized as the premiere Goals & Habits app (iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch) REMAINS — you guessed it, FREE! (limited edition).

So, what makes it “limited”? Continue reading

#1 Goals and Habits app in iTunes! (Productivity)

Brian Tracy, The Habit Factor® Challenge

Martial Arts Master- Cites The Habit Factor® for Jeet Kune Do Simplicity

The Habit Factor®, Recommeded by Top Coaches & Trainers around the World!

Dear Friends,

Thank you! Nearly ten months after The Habit Factor®’s debut in iTunes we are experiencing momentum beyond our wildest dreams. As you know, with nearly 4,000 Productivity apps and so many one hit wonders- it makes The Habit Factor®’s enduring success extra special. But, what’s TRULY far more exciting are the RESULTS, stories and feedback! We really could never have predicted this response. We’re seeing (and hearing) about terrific experiences with the app, as well as magnificent RESULTS from users internationally! Please, keep the emails coming!



A little reflection is in order and a few updates for those who may be here for the first time… Continue reading

Comments on Reviews – FYI


First, thank YOU very much for the quality review/s (below). We’re very pleased with the comments and feedback and I would like to address a couple of the items you’ve identified.

“It worked for Franklin…
by derek.the.great – Version 1.2 – May 4, 2009

“Update:  I’ve noticed that, if you delete a virtue and try to add the same virtue, it acts as if the old virtue is still there. I had to redownload the app just to replace the virtue. That’s a serious bug, especially when there’s no way to import/export data. 4 stars until that gets fixed. ———————– I’ve tried Streaks, Touchgoal, and Goalkeep. They had some good feature, but they just weren’t good enough for me to stick with it. I wanted something closer to Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues and I found it! Pros: – Lightning fast interface – UI that makes Apple jealous – Makes tracking habits easy and fun. Cons: – No way to import/export data – Can’t rearrange order of virtues – Needs a scrollbar to quickly scroll through active goals. It earned a place in my dock, which is very rare. Virtues, Daylite, and Evernote make the ultimate productivity trio. I’ve been waiting for this too long, and I’m glad it’s finally here. 5 stars, and well deserved…”

Regarding the issue of deleting and re-adding a Virtue with the same name. This will be corrected in the next release.
Regarding Import/Export Data: This is in an upcoming release as well. We’re also waiting on word about the ability to sort the Virtues from our developer.

Dear “HRManager’ “Inspiring”

Please note: You will not be able to modify the end date of an ACTIVE Virtue. You can also not modify the Virtue name if it is Active. Please deactivate it FIRST- then modify to your desired settings. To answer your question about the default Active period – please see the Settings menu. This is where you are able to setup a default period ahead of time. So when you Activate a Virtue – the Active period is based off that setting.

Also, your comment about one Virtue being a “forever” Virtue – well, conceivably they are all a “forever” Virtue however, by establishing shorter track period you can focus on other Virtues as the Mr. Franklin himself did. If you really want to you could establish the default period setting in “Settings” for 365 days. (not recommended)

The feedback and questions are excellent and we’ll be adding to our FAQ in the application as well as adding it to a FAQ page here (soon).

Feel free to email comments and support questions to support@equilibrium-ent.com.


“Three men can keep a secret if two of them are dead.” Another quality review! 9 out of 10 and Editor’s Pick!


Sexy Virtues?


Is it just me or is the App store filled with 12 yr old boys and horny old men? Of the Top 20 Apps in the Lifestyle category (where Virtues is) FIVE contain one of the following words; sexy (2), bikini (2), naughty (1). Don’t get me wrong, i’m certainly a fan of the subject matter. However, it seems a little insane to me when quality apps are vying for some attention in the Top 20.

Where’s the incentive to do any app other than “SexyBikini4”?

Recommendation: Apple App people, please consider a separate “sexy” category. This would be where all those “other” people could go to get their bikini and sex fix on. Clearly, the demand warrants its own area where the Sex Apps can go duke it out. Hey, that sounds like another app to me? Doing so would at least create a few spots for some quality apps in the Top 20.

BTW: In the event you think i’m  jealous — fear not, we’re working on our own “Sexy” App. I think the name may be a little too long… “TripleSexyBikiniRevenge”?

Virtues 4 iPhone Now Inside the Top 50 LifeStyle Category; Quality reviews too!

picture-13great news!!!

Very pleased to see that yesterday;  after being nowhere on the board and nowhere to be found in the iTunes store, Virtues for iPhone jumped inside the TOP 50 in the lifestyle category! Currently Virtues is listed at Number 45. Considering the App went live just last Wednesday evening (PST) we are told this is a better than normal launch and that we have reason to be excited!

Cautiously optimistic at this point —have no idea how these things go. Hopeful the momentum keeps up and we can crack the Top 20. That will be the real test. (fingers crossed)

thanks for all the support. check my two favorite reviews so far (above and below).


The First Reviews are in!

Check it out! Love the way this review ends…
Let Virtues guide you right from your pocket wherever you go to discover peace and tranquility.


Also, first user review, from David Steel my Hero!

I downloaded the app…tried it out…and left a great review….

I hope it sells a million copies… The world will be better for it

“Ready for Sale”… It’s Alive


He that can have patience can have what he will.

Wild experience indeed waiting for the App to go through QA and become “ready for sale.” Not because we didn’t know it’s a strong App but because this is our first time through the process. Strangest thing was we posted this for review on 4/9/09 but it didn’t go live in the iTunes store until about 7pm PST last night. Add to that we received a notification it was “ready for sale” in the form of an email around 3pm PST yet it was nowhere within the store until hours later. Good info to know and may be worth putting that in the email my iTunes/Apple friends! We thought something was amiss with our app or the store.

Now the fun part begins, sharing the news and marketing the App as well as gathering feedback! The press release will go out early next week and we’ll have an ad on www.zenhabits.net in about a day or so. Thanks Leo! RE: feedback, we’ll probably be posting a form on this site and i’m hopeful we’ll get some quality feedback at the iTunes store as well.

I can tell you we’re already planning several slight tweaks and feature improvements for the next version — to be listed later. At this point, we just want to enjoy the moment and watch what happens when people begin to put Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues — his simple and powerful daily tracking methodology in action.

I believe it was Gandhi who said, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.” Frankly, (no pun intended) it’s never been easier with Virtues! To practically and easily apply Benjamin Franklin’s unique methodology (to powerfully tweak our Virtues and habits) AND have the ability to customize said Virtues, the capability is now literally within our grasp.

Thanks too, to everyone for supporting the development process and providing quality feedback along the way.

until next time,


btw: oh, please feel free to share this post or iTunes link with your friends who might have an iPod or iPhone and be interested. thanks.

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