Starting 2013 the majority of blog posts (which won’t be too many) will be found at Any support updates or other related info for the other apps or publications will remain here. So, if “the habit factor” has brought you here— terrific! please find us at or please visit our facebook fanpage (to[…]

Happy 4th! When the FREEDOM to Change becomes “Life Changing”

  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HAPPY Fourth of July, 2012!! FREEDOM. Personal freedom represents “only everything”, particularly when it comes to personal development. Freedom to choose: freedom to take responsibility, freedom to create, freedom to serve and help others (thereby helping yourself) and even freedom to assign meaning to any particular event. Many freedoms are inherent in the[…]

Procrastinators Beware! When you understand HABIT you’re halfway there!

  “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ~Jim Rohn   Happy New Year! The above e-mail is great and got me thinking about one of mankind’s greatest challenges: the curse of procrastination. That e-mail made me recognize that at least half the “productivity battle” is the awareness and understanding[…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Give THANKS for the unknown blessings already on their way.” ~Native American Saying As 2011 nears its end and given that it is Thanksgiving Day, it’s a perfect time for me to say my “thank yous” and reflect a little on the remarkable year that 2011 has been/continues to be. First, The Habit Factor® book[…]

Dubai Goodbye, New Website & Labor Day

      Right on schedule, another holiday — another blog post. Happy Labor Day! A couple more pictures from Dubai Without these photos (maybe even with these photos) it’s all still pretty surreal; those five days I spent in the UAE went by so fast. (It’s a long way from San Diego!) These pics are[…]

Happy Fourth of July! TEDx, Kindle, iPad, UAE and me

TEDx AlAin I should probably pick up where I left off. In the last post I intimated I had a little date in the Middle East. Turns out it wasn’t so little actually, an incredible opportunity to present some “basics” about The Habit Factor® at a TEDx conference in the founding city of the United[…]

Feeling The Love – Happy Valentine’s Day From The Habit Factor®

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here we go again with yet another holiday blog post. And, it turns out Valentine’s Day is appropriate since it appears the collective LOVE for the app (iphone and android) and now BOOK has never been be stronger. THANK YOU! So, we’re definitely “Feeling the Love.” Each and EVERY email – tweet,[…]

The Habit Factor Book®, Android App and New iPhone/iPod Release

The Habit Factor® Book is here! Happy Thanksgiving! (appears we can only update this blog every major holiday or so lately.) She (the book) has been many years in the making and I’m confident she helps to explain both the “WHY” and “HOW” behind the apps practical and proven methodology and now world-wide acclaim. Unfortunately,[…]