Announcing The Habit Factor’s “Get Unstuck World Tour”
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It looks as though I might’ve let a couple holidays go by without updating this blog.  Ooops! The advent of The Habit Factor’s own blog has me bouncing between the two and, frankly, more attention is there at this time particularly given the development of The Habit Factor Certified Professionals Program (more below) and the portal and now the “Get Unstuck” World Tour.

If you haven’t checked out the new THF site, please visit, .

Having said that, it’s time to share some of Equilibrium’s latest news:

iPhone 5 release!
It just keeps getting better for (I guess) Apple and (quality) app developers. The iPhone 5 has really spiked downloads of all our free and paid apps and if this is any indication of the upcoming holiday season we are in for some fun!

More iPhone 5
Goodbye RIM? Hard to say that (I guess)… but, if my friends are any indication RIM (Blackberry) had better get very creative very soon or they are really running out of time. I recognize this is anecdotal evidence but now, three die-hard, life-long BlackBerry fans (and friends) just made the move to the iPhone platform with the release of the iPhone 5.

It’s hard to imagine the iPhone user base growing but I’m fairly sure that has just happened with the release of this latest phone with a projected 60% increase in units shipped (149 Million units).

Other App News:
We’ve released updates for Bucket List Pro and Eat That Frog! These are mostly code/compatibility updates to better support the new iOS updates from app. Eat That Frog! has some great new links directing to some greet Brian Tracy resources. If you haven’t been to Brian Tracy’s website, it’s a rich resource for tremendous personal development material!

The Habit Factor® Portal
What do you get when a software development project meets a deadline? Correct.
A delay….  Our portal development is exciting but slower then expected (imagine that) and we’ve run into some technical challenges that couldn’t be foreseen until the team got to a certain point. Having said that, when this (portal) does what we want/expect it to do, it’s going to make the “best habits and goals app” even better and add tremendous value to the end-users (Android and iOS).

The Habit Factor® Certified Professionals Program & EEI Publishing
If you haven’t seen or checked out our directory of Certified Habit Factor Professionals be sure to visit:  The Certified Program is off to an incredible start as we already have representative professionals from around the world; Israel, Australia, UAE and of course several from the USA. Plus, looks like a few other countries are teed up for certification. EEI may even be publishing some of our coaching partners work! Stay tuned…

The Habit Factor® Language Translation and Territory Rights Rights
Speaking of publishing, I guess we should’ve seen this coming, the popularity of The Habit Factor® (internationally) has drawn inquiries now about Korean and Arabic languages rights and this opens the door for many other languages. If there is an interest in any of the following languages; Chinese, Indian, German, French, Japanese (for starters…) . Please direct all language translation and territory rights to our “Sales  AT ” email account

The Habit Factor® Facebook Fan Page Exceeds 2,000 Fans!
Pretty cool to see this, we were projecting to hit 2,000 fans by January, 2013. Surprisingly, we crossed that milestone in September and are already over 2,200.

Then Get “
UNSTUCK!” Join us in our upcoming, New Year—New You, 2013 “GET UNSTUCK” Webinar series!

Enrollment begins today/now (sort of). Interested participants please fill in the form below [EMAIL and NAME] this will provide you a questionnaire via email. Reserve your spot today!

First live class is in January 2013. This will be an eight-course group coaching webinar/class (at this time) limited to only 30 participants! The program is guaranteed to blast your 2013 productivity higher and farther than you’ve ever gone before. It is based upon the proven methodology within the bestselling The Habit Factor® book and you’ll learn exactly what techniques you can apply to achieve nearly any goal you have set for yourself!

If you have any questions you can email me….  mg  AT  thehabitfactor DOT com.

A little more about the “GET UNSTUCK” World Tour and FAQ

How long is the course? What are the dates?  The dates are Monday evenings (6pm PST) : January 7,14,21,28 February 4, 11, 18, 25. The time is 6pm (PST) This is an eight (8) course program and each session is between 60 and 90 minutes.

What if I can’t make the dates or miss a some classes due to scheduling conflicts? We are planning to have each session recorded and available to watch/listen to via the web at your convenience.

Can I pay for it now? Not yet!  At this point you can only complete a questionnaire / apply for the program. Selected applicants will be sent link for sign up.

Why would I not be selected? We are using the questionnaire to determine the best fit for applications/attendees. Note: This program isn’t designed for the person who is looking for “clarity”. We will be offering another program for that in the near future. This is designed for the person who knows what they want to achieve and the things they ought to be doing but can’t seem to make it happen/bust through. They feel they are stuck in a rut. If that is you— then great! This program is designed just for you!

The program is guaranteed money back* If after the first four classes (half way through you don’t see value) we’ll refund your money minus any PayPal fees.

A this time, the program is limited ONLY to 30 people. It’s a great way for fans of The Habit Factor, readers of the book and users of the app to take their Habit Factor® experience to a new level!

BONUS! Early Enrollment Discount!!

>>>>COST IS $297 -Apply NOW thru 11/15/12 and you qualify for the discounted price of ONLY $149, (nearly half off!)<<<
It’s not too early to begin planning for your BIG GOAL in 2013.