HAPPY Fourth of July, 2012!!

FREEDOM. Personal freedom represents “only everything”, particularly when it comes to personal development. Freedom to choose: freedom to take responsibility, freedom to create, freedom to serve and help others (thereby helping yourself) and even freedom to assign meaning to any particular event.

Many freedoms are inherent in the human condition and many a result of being an American. Today, of course, is a perfect day to reflect upon these freedoms. It’s also a perfect opportunity for me to reflect a little more on The Habit Factor®  which has not just endured the test of time, but flourished since its inception over 3 years ago— remaining a Top Productivity app and Amazon and iTunes bestselling book. And, while in some regards its success is a bit beyond my comprehension, it also reaffirms an even larger mission lies ahead.

Onward and Upward:  The Habit Factor® Certified Professionals Program is now rolling.
Chances are good, in the not too distant future you’ll be able to find a Habit Factor Certified Professional in a town near you! (Directory goes live soon).

Teaching and training other professional coaches to get the most out of their practice and out of their clients has already proven to be more rewarding than expected. Coaches are truly blown-away when I demonstrate the power and flexibility of the app and share its underlying methodology. BTW: I have yet to meet any coach or trainer for which The Habit Factor® does not help/work.

Here’s an actual exchange I recently had with a coach who specialized in working with Real Estate Agents.
Me: “How do you hold your clients accountable? How do you know they are progressing, for instance, from one week to the next?
Coach: “Results”.
“Great! What do you do in the meantime? Do you not have a framework/structure for them to demonstrate progress and a way you can hold them accountable?”
Coach: “Well, that’s a bit personal. Each client likes to take care of that their own way.”
(thinking that is a bit unfortunate) “So it’s different for each client of yours? Wouldn’t it be great if you provided an accountability system, agreed upon objectives and a way for them to share their progress incrementally?”
Coach: “Yes!”
I provide quick demo:
“Wow! I want to learn more…”

Needless to say, she immediately recognized the impact the app and methodology could have, not just on her clients but on her practice. By providing a framework for success, tracking and accountability — we move beyond the realm of aimless tracking which is where 99.9% of current “habit tracking” apps / portals find themselves.

THF to the cloud— the last frontier?

Our web portal development is progressing just about as expected which is relatively rare in the development world. This is essentially the web interface version of app so people can work and sync from the computer/web and among devices. While this beta version still has a long way to go, we’re probably most excited about where this is going to end up! Just wish I could share more right now.


“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.”
~Chinese Proverb



Ever More Tracking Apps?

It’s incredible to witness what has emerged over the last 3 years. Back then, The Habit Factor® was one of only 3 apps in the goals and habits “space,” a space that The Habit Factor® essentially created. That may sound a bit bold, but if you doubt that statement, feel free to locate another app that understands and makes the important distinction between goals and habits. Today, there may be as many as 50 or more if you include web/portal trackers. The nutty thing is these developers, just like the people they are trying to help, (by selling them a habits tracker) simply do not understand or appreciate this important distinction. They make no effort themselves to understand this distinction, thereby doing a terrific disservice to their “clients.” There is enough misunderstanding about HABIT to begin with. (See Chinese proverb above)

Education Before Action
These other apps are truly “aimless trackers.” Any app or web portal can track behavior. In fact, you could use a notebook or even the notepad on your smartphone. Of course there is a bit of irony here, since a handful of people who use THF actually never care to grasp the difference themselves. (I did say  only a handful.) Note: These people most likely didn’t read the book either. They tend to be the same people who say the app “takes too long to set up” (5 minutes) or is “cumbersome,” yet insist they “really want to achieve their goal.” So, how badly do you really want that goal (you gotta ask, right?) if  five minutes or heck, let’s say it took an hour, is too much effort? Is that really too long to realize meaningful change? (See above reviews.)

In the long run, without an educational component, without a tested and proven methodology, at best, you have an aimless behavior tracker. At worst, you have a bad tracking app + no methodology = random and even poor, haphazard results. So, it’s worth asking, “What do these apps teach their users about the important mindsets and psychology behind behavior change and habit development? How are they educating their users?” A friend would say, “I share because I care.” Look, I could have spared myself 3+ years of writing The Habit Factor book if I were just trying to score a quick buck creating a habit tracker.

Moving On…

We’re always looking for talent and ways to creatively collaborate. I’m curious about what talents you might be able to lend toward our effort. (Yes, having read the book and being familiar with the app/methodology is helpful.)

See below and click on the link if you think there may be a fit. Thanks!

Until next time, KEEP ON TRACKIN’!

Would love to find out more about you…