Happy Easter!

What a terrific start to the new year… a record setting January for EEI’s app and book sales — led by The Habit Factor®.

In early January, app user Adrian shared his habit factor success story with us. He labeled it his “breakthrough goal” and it represented far more than just a marathon. To him it was an emotional, mental and physical turning point in his life (following one of his most challenging years) — he credits the app for both holding him accountable and for being a symbol of his new found commitment to achieve his goal.

A powerful story he shared… see his email/words below…


Then, February began with a few texts/emails notifying me of a notable mention in Southwest airlines in-flight magazine, SPIRIT. SURPRISE! ; )  Indeed, it was a great surprise and a truly inspirational piece about Rob Summers who sets a goal to walk again after being paralyzed by a hit and run accident. The author of the article weaves in goal achievement practices mentioning The Habit Factor (book and app) with a few other tools including David Allen’s Getting Things Done. BTW: Notice The Habit Factor was the only book & app combo.

iBook Anyone?

If you love your iPAD (either 1,2 or 3) then check out The Habit Factor® ibook in iTunes book store. Lately, (no jinx ; ) ) It’s been featured in iTunes TOP SPIRITUALITY Paid Books. Pretty cool and rewarding to see The Habit Factor among some pretty amazing works and authors. No doubt, a great honor!

More Kindle…
Speaking of being surrounded by cool books and authors, check this out (below): the Amazon Kindle Highlights page: I couldn’t help but be a bit awed to see The Habit Factor wedged between a couple idols; His Holiness, The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra.

App Updates (iOS):
We recently released both The Habit Factor Lite and PRO iOS updates that improve compatibility, speed and offer other enhancements. The greatest enhancement for the Pro app addresses speed and compatibility. Over time, once a user has generated a lot of tracking data the app slows, creating significantly slower launch and running speeds. Additionally, with the release of Apple’s iOS 5 and 5.1 we have updated source code for compatibility.

Hopefully, we’ll soon have a video uploaded to soon to our YouTube channel (subscribe if you’d like) that will illustrate the launch speeds of the app. It’s pretty remarkable!

Android & Amazon App Store
This is REALLY cool – btw: the App sales in Amazon app market are nearly surpassing Android Market sales app. I think this is just a reflection of the Amazon customer loyalty and this handy new feature where you can actually run the app / “test drive” it right in your computer’s web browser.

We saw this on our Facebook wall and love to see Android users who understand and appreciate the app! Thanks Mike!

Misc. Liner Notes:

One of the latest tweets pushed us over the edge about creating, The Habit Factor® for Kids. After hearing that comment so many times— we’ve decided to start that project too. Also, expect to see several add’l flavors of THF coming (top secret at the moment). On the app front, we’ve had an extended technical delay but expect Eat That Frog to have a compatibility and speed improvement release with a few minor tweaks in the coming weeks. On the Web development front; our portal is moving right along. It is going to add such a cool dimension to THF. (actually a few dimensions). Maybe next time I post we’ll have a few screen shots for you. Finally, if you’re a coach, trainer or Ph.D. who’s enjoyed the benefits of sharing and applying THF with your clients, be sure to sign up here to learn more about our upcoming THF, Certified Professionals Program (CPP) — this does not obligate you in any way, but does qualify you for a 50% discount later if interested.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

Until next time,

(Plan and Track!)