“Motivation is what gets you started.
Habit is what keeps you going.”

~Jim Rohn


Happy New Year!

The above e-mail is great and got me thinking about one of mankind’s greatest challenges: the curse of procrastination. That e-mail made me recognize that at least half the “productivity battle” is the awareness and understanding of the power of habit, and I love that The Habit Factor® has provided RK both the motivation and the methodology (notice he just downloaded the FREE Goals and Habits Tracking Worksheet) to create the change he desires!

I thought I’d begin this post with a sort of reflective gratitude list. I’m totally blown away by the many new friends and supporters THF has generated and the new opportunities the app and now book have created. It’s so rewarding to connect with like-minded people. So, here we go:

1) Amazon/Kindle and YOU!: Thank you! It’s been a rockin’ 2011 and hard to believe 2012 is already here. Last year kicked off with The Habit Factor® book going LIVE. It was incredible and surprising when it quickly rose to several bestseller categories (mostly Kindle – I think this tells you all you need to know about the future of digital publishing/distribution. Of course, the Kindle version is $9.99 (Amazon is currently knocking 20% off that) and the hardcover is $25.95). I think I’m even more surprised today to know that, a year later, the book is outselling even its early launch sales figures. The below screen shot was taken on a day I noticed the Kindle ranking in 3 bestseller categories (and I love those categories!). The message and book is timeless, but you never know how any book will initially be received, particularly your first.


2) Google and Android Marketplace: It (the Android marketplace) is certainly a different APP world compared to iTunes. But, having said that, the reception has been fantastic!

3) Back to Amazon: The new Kindle Fire and new Amazon App Store: It’s early yet, but we (EEI) have just released THF for Android within the Amazon App Marketplace, and as of this writing, it’s in the Top#50 Productivity category there as well!

4) Kindle Highlights Feature: This is in many ways even better than the Amazon Reviews since it offers you the ability to see what sentences/thoughts people are gravitating to, and what they are highlighting and publicly sharing from the book. I was floored to check in on these highlights and see that the book ranked right next to a hero of mine, Dr. Wayne Dyer and his great book, The Power of Intention.

5) The Many Great Influencers/Bloggers: In no particular order, thank you for your ongoing support for THF. You helping to spread the word has been invaluable. Apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten: Roz Savage, Donna Maria, Mike Jansen, Christopher Payne, @girlswithgoals. Also, thanks to the many productivity bloggers (you can see an abbreviated list here) as well as top international blogs like Mashable.com and Lifehacker.com.

6) Apple & iTunes: For the various features and the opportunity as well as ecosystem to share both our app and book.

7) To the many incredible and prolific authors who’ve supported THF long before it was ever published and continue to support it to this day: Brian Tracy, Michael E. Gerber, Chip Conley, Dr. Anthony Smith and Holly Green.

8) To The Rock and EO SD who have helped to develop, refine and evolve THF in new and exciting directions.

9) To the GREAT Fans & Friends on Facebook (1500+ or so). The Facebook page is a little new to us, but we expect to get better at utilizing this forum to interact better with you!

10) A Special Thank You to the reviewers and users of the app and book! It’s your great comments about the app (the constructive, helpful ones) that helps us to create an even better product!

11) Twitter: As painful as Twitter is for me at times, it’s proven to be a fantastic medium to bring attention to THF and connect with so many remarkable people.

12) To the many supportive professionals out there, such as the coaches and trainers who are sharing and recommending both the app and book to their clients. There is no greater honor and personally, as THF evolves, I believe it will be those like-minded coaches and trainers who are ultimately responsible for taking THF to the next level by spreading the word. Your professional support and recommendations are the highest honor!

13) I’ll stop at 13 (I think). This one is tough. THANK YOU to another longtime hero of mine, Mr. Steven Jobs. Your vision for the iPhone, iTunes (ecosystem) and of course apps has enabled little ol’ me to create this tool/app that’s proven to help transform so many people’s lives. You’ve left the world (as far as I’m concerned) a much better place, created probably millions of jobs, made life easier and sparked countless new industries and opportunities for millions around the world. I’m not sure what else to say other than Thank you, Sir, and of course my deepest condolences to the Jobs family.

A bit more: Without getting too philosophical here, I believe WE have a significant and fundamental challenge that lies before us (read the below quote by William James from the book). Seems to me not a heck of a lot has changed since 1892. How can this be? You don’t think he was passionate enough about his message? That quote is so powerful! Yet it appears his message has been lost in time. So, I guess what I’m suggesting is this is a MISSION that lies before US, both me and YOU (in fact), should you choose to accept it. The mission, of course, is to help shift the current, predominant perception of HABIT.

Who is teaching kids/young adults (heck, even adults) TODAY about the significance of habit? That is, what is habit? My contention still remains that HABIT ought to be a subject matter in school much like Spanish or French or English.

Until I can ask any random kid to tell me what habit is (define it) and his answer isn’t “drugs, swearing, smoking or drinking,” but something like, “Habit is my greatest gift for achievement. If I craft and harness the power of habit, I will be able to achieve nearly any goal I set for myself.” Until I hear that sort of answer, OUR work isn’t done. So, I greatly appreciate your efforts to help make this a reality in the not-too-distant future!

I guess it starts with a book, an app and a receptive mind.

Thanks for a terrific 2011! I know 2012 will be even more exceptional!


BTW: Almost forgot, if you’re like RK (above) and wondering about whether THF is headed toward a web app/portal, there’s a bit of that at the end of this article in newsfactor and more background about the origins of THF, Thanks!