Right on schedule, another holiday — another blog post.

Happy Labor Day!

A couple more pictures from Dubai

Without these photos (maybe even with these photos) it’s all still pretty surreal; those five days I spent in the UAE went by so fast. (It’s a long way from San Diego!) These pics are from the Tedx (AlAin) trip to the Emirates, taken the day after the event in Dubai. I was very fortunate to be escorted around Dubai by the great local artist (with international fame) Wasel Safwan, who also presented at the event. His art is really incredible (click on his name/link)! (and, IMHO that is very rare for young expressionists). The picture to the left is from our visit to the “world’s most luxurious hotel,” Burj Al Arab. I love this photo because of the Phantom Rolls perfectly propped in the foreground. The other photo was taken just after our visit to the top of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, and heading back out of town toward AlAin. Walking past the world’s largest aquarium inside the world’s largest mall (something you must do) to arrive at the top of the world’s tallest building – in a rocket-elevator – all combined to make the experience even more memorable! Note: Those “small” buildings in front (probably 45-55 stories tall) give the 160-plus-story building some perspective. I just kept shaking my head thinking that building would come into focus (which it was), but my brain had nothing, ever, to gauge a building that size against and it just didn’t compute, no matter how long I would stare at it.

New Website, etc.

In the event that you haven’t seen it yet, we’re spinning off The Habit Factor® to its own website, which will be dedicated to coaching, lessons and all things THF that stem from the book and app. Additionally, new coaching and videos will be unveiled there. We’ve also begun our partner and application portal planning, where ultimately the app and devices will sync to the web/cloud. Such a site will allow for a collaborative environment (coaches, content, app users), a personal development ecosystem around The Habit Factor®.  And, as the app, products and services around The Habit Factor® continue to mature, we’ve been encouraged by a number of coaches to start a Certified Partner Program. This too is in its very early stages (not yet beta either). However, we have kicked off enrollment for qualified coaches and trainers here with incentives for early adopters.

Other News:

  • A few notes about recent comments about the app. While the large majority of reviews are from happy, supportive users with positive and constructive feedback, there are (and we’re guessing there will always be) those ‘other’ reviews. Hence, we keep creating a larger disparity between the Free and Paid versions of the app. Today, if you want to hate the app – you’ll have to spend a lot more money: ). So please, just use the FREE/LITE version first. Other comments:
    • If you want a REMINDER or believe a Push notification will save you and this app, please see the Support Page Tips & Tricks #4.
    • If you are using Android and have a problem with the interface, our thought is you should have noticed that interface using the Free version. Strange that you bought the app to complain about the interface.
    • If you are confused as to why you can’t have the exact same Goal name. Please know, that is a feature, not a bug. (Seriously).
    • To the guy who’s used the app for months (presumably getting value or he wouldn’t use it for ‘months’) yet, “trying to contact support” and gave the app a poor review: Not sure where you were looking for support? Also, glad to hear you got months’ worth of use but don’t think it’s any good. : )
    • SPEED! If you’ve been using the app for many months or years and have a lot of tracking data and would like to speed up the app, please see Support Page, FAQ #18
    • We sincerely love the support and feedback, and since Apple and Android don’t allow us to post responses, we have to respond somewhere!
    • We are working on a couple new releases of THF for both iPhone and Android. There’s also a good chance in the next month or so, The Habit Factor® will be available within the Amazon app marketplace.

Hope you enjoyed our Labor Day/Back2School Sale!

Until next time,