TEDx AlAin

I should probably pick up where I left off. In the last post I intimated I had a little date in the Middle East. Turns out it wasn’t so little actually, an incredible opportunity to present some “basics” about The Habit Factor® at a TEDx conference in the founding city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) AlAin. The presentation was limited to about 18 minutes and given that the book is 230+ pages, identifying and consolidating a few choice ideas about habit and goal achievement was certainly a challenge however, it was also a great exercise.

While my invite was as certainly formal, it wasn’t until the plane tickets actually arrived that I was certain it was going to happen. Largely because the timeline was so tight. The invite came late February and the event was early May. Although, having said that, A HUGE THANK YOU to the event organizers Chris Payne and Sajjad Kamal and the sponsors including Etihad Airlines (Wow!) That was the best business class flight I’ve ever experienced (by far). Highly recommend Etihad if you’re flying to UAE. If the event itself and the people weren’t so incredible the flight might’ve been the highlight of the whole trip! Find out more about the organizers and event at their facebook page here.

Remarkable people and such a rich and proud culture. I toured Dubai for a day with another presenter, a great artist named Wasel. You can find his art on the same page, or check youtube. Incredible stuff!! The other presenters were fascinating people. From a professor and PhD in robotics, Nikolaos Mavridis to Caterina Lo Mascolo, founder of UNIVERSKA and other local personalities. There was a great party afterward where all the presenters and all the crew who worked tirelessly to ensure the event went off without a hitch were able to celebrate and let off a little steam. I learned so much about the culture of AlAin and UAE. It was an unforgettable experience.

Kindle & iPad/iBook

The Habit Factor® finally cracked the iBook/iPad market and is now for sale in the iBook marketplace. That was probably more difficult than it had to be. iTunes (Apple) was hung up on one graphic that nobody else (Kindle, Nook) seemed to think was a problem so each time you have to edit/fix then resubmit you’re looking at another ten days or so for approval. Kindle sales have been on fire (relatively speaking) and once again, I think I now understand why it’s called “Kindle“.

Other news

We expect to have the Google eBook in the Google marketplace this month. YES! the Audio Book is under development. THANK YOU for your continued interest in our Habit Factor for trainers and coaches program (Link above). If you are a trainer and coach and have an interest in strategically differentiating yourself from your competition and aligning with the #1 Goals and Habits mobile app and methodology, sign up today. There is a lot more happening but I’ll leave it there for now. Have to go enjoy the holiday w/ the family.

Happy Fourth!

until next time.