At this point, you can probably tell that it’s gone from a strange coincidence to a minimum requirement for the equilibrium blog to update/post at least on major holidays. So why the slow updates? just busy being busy. Not really the biggest priority to blog at the moment. However, it’s not due to lack of updates/news to share.


The reviews right now are fantastic for both apps. you ever notice how people will devalue what they get for free and value what they pay for? Well, there is no difference when it comes to apps. Particularly Goal and Habit apps. Here are a few recent great reviews/tweets about the PRO paid version. (US $6.99).

The first review below is great because highlighted, you’ll note it says, “This app helps me reach what i’m aiming for without letting TIME GET THE BEST OF ME.” Time seems to get the best of EVERYONE. We all tend to lie in bed at night and wonder WHY it is we aren’t any closer to achieving our goals. By breaking our goals down to ESSENTIAL habits we are FORCED to integrate these behaviors DAILY into our lives (HABIT). Thereby, preventing time from getting the ‘best of us’ and keeping that critical momentum so required for goal achievement.

I really love that statement because the app is nearly two years old and I hadn’t thought of it in that regard. It’s another perfect example of why you will want to NOT work from a To-Do list to achieve your goal more quickly. Why SMART Goals are slightly stupid so to speak. You have to experience it to believe it!

The few other reviews I love are there because they are from a Psychologist, educator/mental health professional and, even, ‘chick’ who says she’d but an iPhone just to use The Habit Factor app! : )


So, the reviews are terrific. The user feedback has been fantastic and perhaps even better, the BOOK continues to gain momentum and praise. Very rewarding since the book is the awareness/spark enabling the methodology and implementation supported by the app. BTW: Now i know why they call it the KINDLE. Because Kindle sales have been on fire.

THE BOOK, TedX, United Arab Emirates

I’ve received an invite to present at a TedX conference in the United Arab Emirates (AlAin). It looks like the event date is around May 7th and I’ll present (in brief, about 20 minutes) on the book and app. At this point I’m still awaiting the tickets they will be sending. I expect that is going to be a memorable experience!

I forgot to mention that I also did an NPR interview on Talk of the Bay, 88.9. That was fun and Rick is a great guy. HUGE thank you to Martha Cullimore for arranging that and chauffeuring me to and fro. THANK YOU!

until next time,