The Habit Factor® will make all your wildest dreams come true

“I love the habit factor and use it every day. It has made a real difference in helping me to change my habits so I can achieve my goals. Well done in developing this app. Thanks for the latest update. Some really good developments.”

~Joy in Australia

Before we get into the latest release, I’d like to take a moment to reiterate what I think is the most under-appreciated and perhaps misunderstood factor in personal development; the Habit — Goal relationship.

The more people are exposed to The Habit Factor® and Habit Alignment Technology™, the more startling it becomes that so many personal development experts, coaches, authors, trainers, bloggers (no names) — even Wikipedia, has this concept (pardon my French) BASSAKWARDS… if they even ‘have’ it at all. And, don’t get me started with the handful of apps in iTunes – all of which literally confuse the two (habits and goals) and offer no distinction. Good thing you recognize the difference because they apparently do not. Even at this moment, you can find Wikipedia suggesting that, “In this sense, habits often are a vestige of past goal pursuit.”  This is true – but where do they make mention the inverse? That is where the power is!

The first and best thing we can ALL do is invert that statement, and consciously craft habits which support our goals to make them become a reality much more quickly. More on this one later…

The Habit Factor® Version 1.7

So what did we do to make the #1 habits and goals app (productivity) better? Well, once again, we listened to YOU! Nearly ever feature and update was based upon your user feedback!


  • Backup/ Restore: In the event you need to reload the app, lose the phone, etc. A great way to protect your data. This is FREE with the FULL version. Store up to five of your most recent backups
  • Infinity Tracking – No required End date when setting up a habit. Believe me, we recognize the whole point of the app is to have a tracking period to measure your actual behavior vs your ideals however, some people just want no end date – no set tracking period. This should keep them quite! : )
  • Tracking Views: More quickly toggle between Form View and List View when Tracking
  • Photos: Now add Photos to your Goals to help motivate!
  • Establish Default Tracking Mode in Settings
  • Goals: See Percent Status in Goal List View
  • Goal Status: Adjust/Track and update your progress
  • Habits View: See tracking period or Infinity
  • Establish “Once a Month” Habits
  • Twitter: Automatically post twitter updates when you create or update your goals
  • Improved Habit Alignment Technology™. Cleaned up user interface when aligning habits and goals.
  • Streak Charting
  • And much more… Also, if you’re looking for a REMINDER to make sure you update THF every morning or evening SEE TIP/TRICK #4 on the support tab above!


The latest news…

We were very excited to find out that iTunes UK just featured The Habit Factor® as a “Staff Favourite” and it’s been a Top Productivity seller in iTunes Australia.

On a separate note; check the support tab above, there have been a few videos added to guide app use or answer any questions.

Last Word

Thanks for all the support. Once again, it’s your QUALITY feedback that helps us to create a better product which in turn serves everyone.

Until next time.