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Month: June 2009

Wikipedia, Goals and The Habit Factor®

If I didn’t run across this early this morning I wouldn’t believe it. Straight out of Wikipedia under habit psychology…

Habits in the Service of Goals

Goals guide habits most fundamentally by providing the initial outcome-oriented impetus for response repetition. In this sense, habits often are a vestige of past goal pursuit.

How funny is that? “In this sense, habits often are the vestige of past goal pursuit.”

This is precisely what The Habit Factor® app aims to shed light on, only applying the inverse process! If habits are the vestige of a past goal pursuit then they MUST BE A PREREQUISITE to achieve any goal. Simply put, behavioral reverse-engineering at its finest.

If you want to achieve ANY goal, you must first consciously craft the most important, relevant and supporting habits required to attain your goals. By identifying, defining and then daily tracking those habits you create alignment allowing for faster and easier realization of any goal.

Thought that was worth sharing.

Thanks to everyone for the kind comments and great app feedback! We love to hear the success stories so keep up the great work and email us anytime at sales@equilibrium-ent.com

all the best


What is Habit Alignment Technology™?

Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.

~Brian Tracy

The strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.

~Blaise Pascal

EVERY GOAL is achieved through action. When actions become habits they are performed more easily helping us to achieve our goals more quickly. To put it another way — you will not achieve any great goal without first having established critical habits that are aligned with that goal.

Habit Alignment Technology™ is simply a reverse engineering process. Enabling people with big goals to FIRST identify relevant habits required to achieve a goal, then track those essential and RELATED habits for established focus periods within the larger goal period.

The bigger the goal the more likely it is to take months or years to achieve.  The Habit Factor® allows you to track essential and most critical HABITS within smaller focus periods — ALL contained within the larger goal period.  For instance, if your long term goal is “Write a Book” you then reverse engineer that goal by developing the KEY Habits required to achieve the goal. Habit #1 might be “Out of bed by 6:30am” Habit #2 might be “Write for 1 hr a day.” With Habit Alignment Technology™ you then work from the end and you determine within a one month focus period HOW MANY DAYS do I want to “be out of bed by 6:30?” That is the essence of Habit Alignment Technology™. The App forces you to ask those questions all in the context of your larger goal. Then, the app provides you the ability to track DAILY each related habit helping you to achieve BIG goals more quickly and easily! This is elaborated on in the book coming out later this year.

Sure, it sounds like a fancy name and buzzword —but it’s a proven, simple and powerful concept that continues to help a lot of people.

enjoy and thanks!

The Genesis of The Habit Factor®

All men’s natures are alike, it’s their habits that carry them far apart.


And, The Habit Factor® App makes THREE!

The App is now officially live! Enjoy it. Test it. Live it. And may it change your world as it has mine. Confucius was a pretty smart cat.



Here we go again! The Habit Factor® Now on Deck


Any day now (hopefully today!?) the iPhone App, The Habit Factor® will go live. Conceptually, it’s been years in the making. However, the App has taken our development team only months. They are brilliant!

Throughout the development process there have been extensive feature enhancements and a great deal of User Interface refinements.

We’re all very excited to have this new App baby exposed to the world and begin gathering feedback. Our App test team has found the experience educational, the App intuitive and they are claiming lasting and profound results!

We already have some great ideas in mind for the next version but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. As always email us at support or sales@equilibrium-ent.com with any comments.

Until next time.

~The Habit Factor® Team