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Month: May 2009

Comments on Reviews – FYI


First, thank YOU very much for the quality review/s (below). We’re very pleased with the comments and feedback and I would like to address a couple of the items you’ve identified.

“It worked for Franklin…
by derek.the.great – Version 1.2 – May 4, 2009

“Update:  I’ve noticed that, if you delete a virtue and try to add the same virtue, it acts as if the old virtue is still there. I had to redownload the app just to replace the virtue. That’s a serious bug, especially when there’s no way to import/export data. 4 stars until that gets fixed. ———————– I’ve tried Streaks, Touchgoal, and Goalkeep. They had some good feature, but they just weren’t good enough for me to stick with it. I wanted something closer to Ben Franklin’s 13 virtues and I found it! Pros: – Lightning fast interface – UI that makes Apple jealous – Makes tracking habits easy and fun. Cons: – No way to import/export data – Can’t rearrange order of virtues – Needs a scrollbar to quickly scroll through active goals. It earned a place in my dock, which is very rare. Virtues, Daylite, and Evernote make the ultimate productivity trio. I’ve been waiting for this too long, and I’m glad it’s finally here. 5 stars, and well deserved…”

Regarding the issue of deleting and re-adding a Virtue with the same name. This will be corrected in the next release.
Regarding Import/Export Data: This is in an upcoming release as well. We’re also waiting on word about the ability to sort the Virtues from our developer.

Dear “HRManager’ “Inspiring”

Please note: You will not be able to modify the end date of an ACTIVE Virtue. You can also not modify the Virtue name if it is Active. Please deactivate it FIRST- then modify to your desired settings. To answer your question about the default Active period – please see the Settings menu. This is where you are able to setup a default period ahead of time. So when you Activate a Virtue – the Active period is based off that setting.

Also, your comment about one Virtue being a “forever” Virtue – well, conceivably they are all a “forever” Virtue however, by establishing shorter track period you can focus on other Virtues as the Mr. Franklin himself did. If you really want to you could establish the default period setting in “Settings” for 365 days. (not recommended)

The feedback and questions are excellent and we’ll be adding to our FAQ in the application as well as adding it to a FAQ page here (soon).

Feel free to email comments and support questions to support@equilibrium-ent.com.


Noble Paths- Released and Headed on the Right Track

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We’re very excited about our latest app “Nobel Paths” as it’s a classic example of synthetic imagination; taking two ideas/concepts and fusing them together. On one hand we have the just released Virtues app, sporting a powerful daily tracking UI and on the other we have Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Paths, an experiential set of higher consciousness “Paths” one should seek to follow and live by. Together, they form “Noble Paths” for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Get more info here! Please leave reviews and feedback at the iTunes store. Thank you!